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Oct 14, 2021

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest Zachary Babcock!  Zach is the host of the Underdog Empowerment Podcast as well as the co-host Convicted Life.  Zachary makes his return to the podcast after telling his amazing story last visit about going from addicted to drugs and going to prison to CEO of a multiple six figure business.  Podcast Powertrain and Zachary's companies specialize in helping underdog entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes find their alpha and pave the way to personal satisfaction and professional success.  He shares in this episode some great insights on scaling his business and expanding his mind and body in the last year.

Topics this episode include:

✅ How to reignite your passion and creative side

✅The upside of psychedelics

✅ The importance of morning routines and NIGHT routines!

✅ How to land big guests for your podcast

✅ How being an entrepreneur can make you a better parent

✅ Should you be on Clubhouse ➡️ MORE!

See show notes for all the ways to connect with both Zachary for all your podcast needs and Nick to do some real estate deals together!

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