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Apr 3, 2019

John The Manimal Beneduce is a professional MMA fighter.  He is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Matt The Terror Serra and has fought for Ring of Combat as well as Bellator Fighting Champion. He has owned business such as cross fit, he has a master's degree, he runs a training camp for athletes and fighters called the Manimal Training camp.  He is a native of Brooklyn New York and has overcome obstacles such as losing over 150 lbs. and experienced all the pro's and cons of life and always kept a great attitude and never let life defeat him. He truly is a unique individual and has been seen often as a recurring guest on MMA and Beyond with Ray Longo and Steve Maraboli and is becoming a fan favorite for his fun personality and high energy.  Truly a pleasure to talk to and train with every single time.  Find him on social media through 

Instagram @manimaltrainingcamp  

or for more info on his training camp where amateur as well as professional athletes up the UFC level have attended and guest instructed.