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Feb 27, 2023

Join Nick Lamagna as he welcomes guest Tamar Hermes a real estate investor, founder of The Wealth Building Concierge and Author of The Millionairess Mentality.  Tamar tells her story of growing up with fear and limiting beliefs about money changing her mindset and habits to follow her entrepreneurial path and eventually find real estate investing.  She has amassed a portolio of active and passive investments relying heavily on partnerships and relationships.  She is an author, educator and financial coach and has found a passion for helping more women become financially free and have a better relationship with money.

Tamar has been featured on some of the most popular podcasts including BiggerPockets and the Short Term Show and has built a life she is able to give back, travel and have the quality of life she dreamed of while investing in many classes of real estate including self storage, short term rentals and multifamily.

Topics for this episode include:

✅ When is the best time to change your life 

✅ How to change your brain to believe in your success

✅ How to go from making six figures to seven figures

✅ The DANGER of saving money

✅ Massively Increasing your net worth through partnerships

✅  How to invest when you have little free time ➡️ More!

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