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Apr 27, 2020

Join Nick Lamagna (The A Game Podcast) and Merrill Chandler as they talk about credit scores and fundabilityanalysis. Contrary to popular opinion, your credit score is not the first thing that banks look at. You have to learn to become a professional borrower and know how to create and develop a good profile that financial institutions will trust. Among other topics, they will get into the meaning of fundability, what kinds of scores are out there, how technology has changed the game and the big things that are upcoming in the credit space.


By the end of the episode, you will learn to look at credit scores at a different light, see monitor your data correctly, and start working towards a better profile. Stay tuned to the podcast!




About Merrill Chandler and


As the ONLY Fundability Optimization® firm in the country (and the only one to meet with the personal and business score development teams at FICO®), is turning The Funding Game on its head by making the system work for borrowers—not just lenders.


Since 1997, Merrill Chandler has led the transformation of the personal and business borrowing space. With its basecamp in Utah, helps entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and business owners, supercharge their personal and business borrower profiles to reach their funding goals.


To us, borrower fundability begins with education. That’s why we offer a FREE Masterclass (recorded live), Live Event, and Online Webclass to anyone willing to take the time to educate themselves on how fundability® can radically improve your funding approvals. In our presentation, you will learn about the power of Fundability Optimization®, and how it significantly AND positively impacts your funding approvals. We also offer a FREE Fundability Strategy Session to qualified inquiries. Ask us for details!




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