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Dec 29, 2021

Release #8 of 10 of The A Game Podcast to end off 2021!  We take a look back at our top ranked episode with The Unstoppable Billy Alvaro!  One of the most amazing comeback Rocky stories in business you will ever hear.  This episode is outstanding and full of incredible information and motivation!

Check the show notes to connect with Billy and text the words "Real Estate" to Nick at (516)540-5733 to discuss doing some real estate deals together!

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest, Billy Alvaro, as they talk about the importance of mindset, training your mind, and how he went from having a 14 million debt to owning a very successful multi-million dollar real estate business! Billy is the President of Max Returns Real Estate investments, coach at Flip Masters, host of Real Estate Investing Radio, and a US Air Force veteran. He also shares how he quickly lost everything, from his company to all the money he had. Billy struggled for a long time but turned his life around when he decided to change his mindset and believe in himself!  

Billy has one of the most successful real estate investment firms in the tri-state area.  He has a systems in place for distressed homes, distressed owners, cold calling, foreclosures, door knocking, vacant homes and so much more.  He has used his experiences good and bad along with his tenacity to succeed to take massive action and knock out cash flow deals, flipping houses and even wholesaling properties for six figure paychecks!  He is not only living the positive mindset but his technical ability to run and succeed in business in a tough New York market is extremely impressive.


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