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Feb 25, 2021

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest, Trey Taylor, author of, "A CEO Only Does Three Things: Finding Your Focus In The C-Suite,"  Business Consultant and wine expert.

Trey is the Chief Executive Officer of Taylor Insurance Services and Managing Director of trinity | blue consulting.  He is a keynote speaker and consultant working with CEO's to find balance and is on a mission to challenge CEOs everywhere to live up to the sacrifices that others have made to put them where they are today. In 2013, Trey was named one of Georgia Trend Magazine’s 40 Under 40. Additionally, Trey enjoys teaching introductory wine courses and is a WEST certified sommelier. He and his wife, Sheya have recently founded Tyche Wines to produce and distribute interesting wines

We discuss many things including the foundations of his book going deeper into the Three Things a CEO should be doing which helps them make better high level decisions and take control back for revenue generating tasks and decisions only.  We discuss the importance of culture, hiring and firing employees versus restructuring their position within the company and how to battle the ego of the CEO.  Trey talks about balancing and distributing your energy to avoid CEO and entrepreneurial burnout experienced by many and taking note of the organizational design.  

By the end of this episode you will learn the three things a CEO and business owner should be focusing on, how to choose which decisions to make and to delegate and how to avoid the burnout.  Of course you will also get some top wine recommendations from a certified expert!

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