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Sep 14, 2020

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest, the well-known Pace Morby, as they talk about creative financing strategies.  Many real estate investors come up against challenges with traditional financing and this episode will discuss ways you can acquire a massive portfolio of properties and not have to worry about credit, large down payments, tax returns and all the paperwork involved in traditional financing.

Pace Morby is the owner of the PCGS Management and the co-founder of the Dixon Golf. He also owned a contracting company called the AZ Contracting, his experience working as a contractor gave him an edge in succeeding in the fix and flip business. Pace, despite losing $16 million, he didn’t let that loss consume him; instead, he relentlessly worked hard and in no time, became the champion of his own game! 

By the end of this episode, you will learn many life lessons and business tactics from Pace Morby.  You will understand creative financing on a higher level and see multiple new ways to put deal together and make money despite your market competition or personal financial and credit situation.  He shares his words of wisdom, inspiring stories, and incredible mindset that will surely earn your respect. 

Don’t miss out on this fantastic episode, and check Pace’s Instagram about his giveaway, #firstdeal! Learn more about this amazing opportunity in the podcast!

About Pace Morby:

Summary of Pace's experience through the words of others:

- I've always noticed that Pace created opportunities for himself and encouraged experience gaining events in his own life. He is a driven individual who executes his goals like no one I have encountered. I have always said that he is the epitome of leadership. - Harmony Kellis

- Built a profitable organization before finishing High School and ran two large companies while attending college. His experience has made him a dynamic individual with the ability for high growth in challenging environments. Understands how to earn profits for all constituencies, including but not limited to employees, vendors, clients, and shareholders. The most experienced young man I have ever known. - Steve Q. (Past Shareholder)

- Owned and operated a successful gas and oil manufacturing company with over $15 million in annual sales and 200 employees by age 23. Pace has been through the most difficult parts of building businesses and has always succeeded. He cares about helping others succeed, and therefore he inevitably triumphs. - Scott B. (Past Business Partner)

- Co-Founded Dixon Golf at age 26 and has been instrumental in raising capital, innovating new ideas and concepts, creating new avenues of revenue, and shaping the company’s overall future. He has been a crucial key to the current success of this business. - Doug M. (Dixon Golf Shareholder)

Specialties: Developing small businesses and taking them to the level of profitability in a short period of time, consulting, raising funds, managing, and marketing. 

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