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Dec 31, 2021

Re-Release #10 of 10 of The A Game Podcast to round out 2021 with the #1 Sales Trainer in the industry Steve Trang!! Check the show notes to connect with Steve and his podcast!

Topics on this episode include:

✅  How to find Rockstars to recruit for your business

✅  Mastering Sales & Tips To Train Your Teams

✅  Should You Be Using Scripts?

✅  How To Prepare & Protect Yourself From The Next Real Estate Crash + MORE!

Don't forget to text Nick @ (516)540-5733 to talk about how we can work together on some real estate deals in 2022!

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest Steve Trang, host of, "The Real Estate Disruptors Podcast," one of the countries top sales trainers, owner of Stunning Homes Realty and one of the most well known real estate investors in the country.  He is a martial artists, a mentor and long time entrepreneur.

Steve is getting quite the reputation for becoming a master in the industry.  He has managed to successful build and grow his brokerage, his real estate wholesaling and investment business and at the same time has grown one of the most successful real estate podcasts, a sales and mentorship training and a massive following on social media.  The exciting part is this just seems to be the beginning for Steve Trang!  You will want to listen to this episode in full!!

You can find Steve Trang on:

Steve Trang On Instagram

Steve Trang On Twitter

Steve Trang On LinkedIn


Connect with Nick Lamagna:

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