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Feb 17, 2020

Solomon Floyd is the managing director and a board member of the CTX Global Real Estate Fund and a successful entrepreneur focused on identifying and serving markets with the most potential for returns and social-economic change. He is the CEO and founder of Reunion Investments LLC, a full-service real estate investment company that specializes in economic development in tertiary and military communities. Solomon also takes an active role in partnering with the VA for housing homeless veterans in the Dallas- Fort Worth area, while enabling clients and investors to add revenue to their portfolios. Enjoy this episode of today's guest!

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Show Notes

  • Solomon's background - 3:00
  • Investing in a market - 4:20
  • How you can find the best market - 5:41
  • Rate of return for investors - 10:02
  • Markets that he is investing in - 12:29
  • The tertiary markets - 15:27
  • What kind of markets are you looking for? - 16:19
  • Educating investors on what to do in the market - 20:23
  • Solomon and his team working in many cities - 25:18
  • Pay for help - 27:56
  • Solomon's recommendation for investors - 32:37
  • Fewer risks in some markets - 37:17
  • When he bought his first property - 40:28
  • Living in military housing - 41:21
  • One of the best things of Solomon's life - 43:22
  • Initial perception or fear that Solomon had when he created his business - 45:25
  • Commercial and military franchises - 47:23
  • Learning about tertiary markets to invest in them - 56:09
  • Get in touch with Solomon - 57:04

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