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Jun 14, 2021

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest Ryan "Rotty" Garcilazo, founder of The Rehab Depot an executive level rehab consulting company!  Ryan has flipped over 1000 homes as a contractor and now focuses on helping bridge the gap between investors and contractors to help everyone make more money with less headaches. 

Ryan's goals are to align with investors to help them see, learn and engage the rehab/flip by learning all about how to project manage their flips, how to properly rehab and manage their contractors, project manage, price accurately and how the systems of the house function.  Ryan made a name for himself in Chicago area and now runs a boot camp teaching investors the reality of rehabbing homes in the real world.

Topics In This Episode Include:

  ✅  How To sound credible when talking to a contractor

  ✅  What do contractors think about the flipping shows on tv  

  ✅  Are you creating a proper expectation?

  ✅  Why do so many investors lose money during a rehab or flip

  ✅  Are some cities more difficult to rehab in and why

  ✅  What is the most important thing a contractor looks for in              an investor

  ✅  What red flags to look for when vetting a contractor

  ✅  What you should share with your contractor & when 

  ✅  Where to find good contractors

  ✅  Are contractors offended if you get multiple bids

  ✅  Tips for FIRING a contractor

  ✅  How Ryan & The Rehab Depot are helping bridge the gap              between investors and contractors  ➡️ And More!

See show notes for all the ways to connect with Ryan and make sure to contact Nick to start doing some real estate deals together!  


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