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May 9, 2023

Join Nick Lamagna as he welcomes guest Nicholas Nick, founder of Lead Mining Pros who specializes in making life easier for real estate investors.  They pride themselves on giving entrepreneurs white glove service for addordable prices.  Nicholas was a restaurant manager turned entrepreneur who is now closing in on over a million dollars in sales this year.  He has worked alongside some of the biggest names in real estate investing and education including Dean Graziosi 

Nicholas has grown quite the loyal following through his business and social media by being authentic and vulnerable through his posts, mindset daily tips and newsletter.  From list pulling, to cold calling, text messaging or facebook ads his team can help you today.  His energy and personality will win you over and you will get lots of great tips and tricks that can help you with people, business and life!

Topics for this episode include:

✅ How to pick the best emerging markets

✅ How to transition from in person to a virtual business

✅ How to make your life easier as an investor

✅ How to use a lead generation company to get more deals

✅ The power of clarity in finding success in business

Setting boundaries and expectations in life and business ➡️ More!

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