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Jul 25, 2022

Join Nick Lamagna as he sits down with guest Michael Del Prete, a full time real estate investor for over a decade, founder of We Heart Houses and Executive Director of the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association (AZREIA).  Michael has done over 600 real estate deals including 40+ wholesale deals per year and many done long distance remotely.   He Is a basketball fanatic, podcast host, travelor, father, husband and an all-around problem solver, Michael has proven to give top of the line advice and strategies to real estate investors at all levels to achieve tangible results that create cash flow. 

Topics for this episode include:

✅ How to quit your job by investing in real estate

✅ How to build a real estate team using social media

✅ How to invest fast long distance

✅ What is the most important thing to be successful in business

✅ How to get deals in a competitive real estate market

✅ Biggest beginner real estate mistakes ➡️ More!

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