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Dec 27, 2021

Re-Issue #6 of top 10 to round out 2021 with the LEGEND himself Mark Evans DM!  This was one of our top ranked episodes ever on the A Game Podcast and we can't thank Mark enough for being so generous with his time.  

Mark Evans DM is a 10 time, best-selling author, world traveler and full-time virtual real estate investor and a master at creating multiple streams of income.  He's involved in everything from real estate deals, restaurants, media companies, e-commerce stores, real estate developments, private lending, and everything in between and is a life-long student of marketing. As such, he has turned his attention toward reaching out to others; to teach them how to live life on their terms and how the secret to success is just being willing to DO THE WORK! He mentors over 1000s of business owners and his tough love and no nonsense approach have created countless successful entrepreneurs taking away all your excuses!  Today, he sits down with Nick to talk about how he started his career, his philosophy at work and his charity work.

Topics In This Episode Include:

✅ Avoiding frustrations when dealing with everyday issues

✅ Pitfalls to look out for when you are starting to hire employees

✅ Common mistakes when starting or scaling a business 

✅ The importance of being able to make decisions ➡️ And More!

Text Nick at (516)540-5733 to discuss buying, selling or partnering on real estate investments TODAY! 



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