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Jun 21, 2021

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest Garry Tonon, a professional MMA fighter, businessman and one of the most entertaining and polarizing characters in Brazilian Jiu JItsu of all time.  Many lessons learned in this episode as Garry goes deep into so many aspects of his personal life struggles and experiences to help shape who he is today as well as shares excellent advice for anyone looking to build a brand and/or business.   We cover everything from training Jiu Jitsu to mental health, self accountability, social media and branding ideas to make extra income diversifying your current career.

Whether you follow Jiu Jitsu and MMA or not there is extensive experience and knowledge shared in this interview with genuine honesty and insight to make you think, laugh and maybe even cry a bit as you take away key pieces you can use to implement in your life and business right away for the better.  Definitely a candidate for episode of the year!

Topics In This Episode Include:

✅  Diversifying and being vulnerable on social media

✅  Struggles of opening a business 

✅  The difference in learning about business vs doing business

✅  Is discipline and grit something you are born with or is it developed and learned?

✅  What does it take to be great at something?

✅  The importance of being around excellence and the reality that most people will never know what that really is

✅  Collaboration and the sense of community with the Danaher Death Squad!

✅  Why successful people sometimes shy away from starting new things and fear change

✅  Is It important to celebrate personal and professional wins? 

✅  Healing and processing emotions 

✅  diversifying how to make money doing what you love

✅  Putting ego aside for maximum improvement & mitigating risk in training environments

✅  How to look inward to take leadership lessons away from every situation ➡️ And More!

See show notes for all the ways to connect with Garry and make sure to contact Nick to start doing some real estate deals together!  

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