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Apr 29, 2019

On this episode, host Nick Lamagna talks with "Raging" Al Iaquinta. He’s a renowned UFC fighter who recently changed his lifestyle by becoming a licensed real estate agent. Today, he tells us about his journey in this new career path and how having a competitive mindset can drive you to success no matter what you choose to do in life!

Links and Resources from this Episode

  • Connect with Al Iaquinta
    • Instagram @aliaquinta

Show Notes

  • Being a fighter and a Real Estate agent - 1:57
  • Getting his Real Estate agent license - 3:47
  • How he changed his lifestyle working in Real Estate - 4:33
  • Being a Real Estate agent - 9:29
  • You have to align yourself with the right mentors to learn a lot from them - 10:17
  • Everybody is competing with each other - 10:54
  • Al Iaquinta tells us the importance of working out for ourselves - 12:35
  • Do not invent excuses to be lazy - 13:33
  • Having a great motivational speaker in his life - 17:17
  • Setting goals in your life: short, medium, and long term goals - 17:30
  • Al Iaquinta tells us some things that he learned from his father - 19:03
  • How Al Iaquinta balance his day being a fighter and Real Estate agent - 20:00
  • Al Iaquinta recommends being positive when you wake up every day - 23:22
  • How to keep consistent with your goals - 26:30
  • Thinking on how you want to live your life - 28:10
  • Why his parents didn’t want him to fight - 31:10
  • Being successful in fighting and Real Estate - 34:00
  • How Al entered the Real Estate business - 35:20
  • Understanding and learning about the Real Estate process - 37:10
  • Working on residential sales - 39:00
  • Talking about his current goal - 40:00
  • The New York Real Estate market - 41:02
  • Al tells us how much he has progressed - 44:10
  • Dealing with people all day long - 49:30
  • Get in touch with Al Iaquinta - 50:35

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