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May 22, 2023

Join Nick Lamagna as he welcomes guest David Olds a real estate investing powerhouse who has become very well known on social media and is the founder of Nationwide Property Liquidators and EZ Rei Closings.  In 20 Years Of Real Estate Investing Expertise he has wholesaled over 1,000 properties as well as flipped dozens more while building a Portfolio of almost 100 properties.  He is an expert on how to sell deals faster than anyone else and how to maximize the assignment fees!  David went from selling building materials and flipping properties in Florida and wound up moving to Tennessee where he reinvented himself and his business to become the real estate wholesaling expert he is today!

He is now a well sought out public speaker, trainer and educator specializing in acquistions, dispositions and closing transactions.  He is a master of building a qualified buyers list which has amassed to over 3.2 millions buyers and growing and is on pace to do over 250 deals this year.  Whether you are new or experienced you will love this fun and informative conversation with one of the best in in the game!

Topics for this episode include:

What is the best and most ignored ways of finding deals for beginner investors

How to get over the fear of cold calling sellers

The most important thing to being a successful wholesaler

How to disposition real estate deals nationwide

How speed of information will change the real estate market 

How EZ REI Closings helps you sell more real estate ➡️ More!

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