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Dec 28, 2022

Re-Release Bonus Episode #8 of 10 to end 2022!  

Join Nick Lamagna on episode #200 of The A Game Podcast with the return of one of our top guests David Greene, co-host of the world famous, "Biggerpockets Podcast," former police officer, current real estate investor, author of many successful real estate books and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner!

Don't miss this return episode with David as you get to see a fresh side of him with some amazing insight to how he's adapted to the changes in the world and business the last year personally and professionally.  We discuss a ton about real estate, mindset, business, Jiu Jitsu and how all of them may look 20 years from now!  We tackle FOMO, Focus, David's new mastermind and commercial investment opportunities and talk the real situations people may not consider that can be the difference between them succeeding and failing from achieving their goals in life and business!

Topics for this episode include:

A Major reason 9 out of 10 investors fail

Handling the pressure of being a leader & successful entrepreneur

What is the #1 question asked on biggerpockets

Should YOU invest in NFTs?

The parallels between real estate and Brazlilian Jiu Jitsu

What does it take to STAY successful long term 

There Is something MORE important than the step by step real estate investing instructions ➕ More!

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