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Dec 29, 2022

Re-Release BONUS episode #9 of 10 to end 2022!

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest Bryan Callen! Bryan is a legendary stand up comedian, actor in many famous shows such as MadTV, The Goldbergs, Schooled and Kingdom, hit movies such as The Hangover and Old School and co-host of the insanely popular podcasts The Fighter and The Kid, Roughhouse Friday, Big and Hungry and Conspiracy Social Club. 

Bryan is a fan favorite guest on the Joe Rogan Podcast and has studied martial arts for decades.  He has lived and traveled all over the world and has incredible insights and advice for life and business everyone will benefit from in this episode.  As someone who has had personal and professional upside and downs he discusses the importance of shifting your perspective, choosing the right words and circle of friends to truly achieve longevity and not let the highs get you too high, or the low's get you too low.  We discuss legends in the sport such as Matt Serra, Ray Longo, John Danaher, Renzo Gracie & Chris Weidman. Enjoy this fun and intelligent interview with one of the most well spoken and articulate minds in entertainment.

Full episode of The A Game Podcast: Real Estate Investing For Entrepreneurs with Nick Lamagna available on all platforms!

Topics In This Episode Include:

✅  The realistic key to success and accomplishing your goals

✅  Dispelling the myth of hustle and grind 

✅  Starting over after personal and professional challenges

✅  How to work through rejection without losing enthusiasm

✅  How to get better at something

✅  The importance of surrounding yourself with people who have achieved excellence

✅  Learning the lessons life is trying to teach you ➡️ MORE!

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