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Dec 27, 2022

Re-Release BONUS episode #7 of 10 to wrap up 2022!

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with guest real estate investor, cryptocurrency expert and social media sensation and founder of, "Elevate Life," Austin Rutherford!  Austin Is the author of, "From Valet To Millionaire," and is a powerhouse entrepreneur making millions and learning lifetimes of valuable lessons all before turning 30!  He discusses in this episode the benefits of adding buy and hold long and short term rentals to his real estate investing portfolio.  Along with finding ways to grow and monetize a massive social media following on such platforms as Instagram and TikTok he has also become a go to source for investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin!  Austin shares tons of direct knowledge and answers you can implement right away in this episode on how to make smart decisions and reduce risk in real estate, cryptocurrency and strategy to grow and monetize your social media!

Check the show notes to find all the ways to connect with Austin and make sure to contact Nick to start getting into some real estate deals together!

Topics this episode include:

✅ Three things that can make you money in today’s world

✅ Raising money if you have no experience

✅ How to setup payments with your contractor to not get screwed

✅ Should you be flipping or holding your properties?

✅ What is the #1 reasons investors go bankrupt

✅ How to analyze a property and market for a short term rental

✅ How to monetize your social media

✅ Why bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is an opportunity of a lifetime

✅ Comparing a real estate deal to a cryptocurrency trade

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