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Feb 13, 2023

Join Nick Lamagna as he welcomes guest Anthony Cioppa the founder and President of American Annuity Funding.  Anthony is a specialist in establishing purposeful relationships with structured settlement recipients in order to buy future payment streams.  With years of experience in exercising diligence in planning, following up, and closing deals by working with clients to evaluate cost and revenue to determine profitability he has made a name for himself in a very unique niche industry many do not know about.   Like any successful entrepreneur Antnony talks about what it takes to consistently perform the required daily activities to build a robust pipeline of qualified opportunities.  While using social media and other direct marketing channels to build a brand, awareness and following for his craft he has attracted a diverse group of clients he has helped consolidate debt, fund education and even invest in real estate actively or passively.  Definitely check out this episode to learn a new tool in your toolbelt for current and future scenarios that is truly outside the box as well as time tested and proven methods to grow your brand, business and profits!

Topics for this episode include:

✅ What is an annuity or a structured settlement?

✅ How to benefit from a structured settlement as a real estate investor 

✅ What is the rule of 72 and why every investor should know it

✅ How annuities compare to wholesaling real estate 

✅  Lead generation, marketing and follow up systems ➡️ More!

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