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May 13, 2019

Ron Rivers is running for State Assembly in NJ-17 and is here to talk about how he started his career in politics, how the values of Jiu-Jitsu relate to his job, and what are his plans for the community.

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Show Notes

  • Where Ron’s drive comes from - 4:33
  • How to keep the motivation up when you have lazy days: the routine is freedom! - 9:14
  • Being present in the now, to create the future that I want - 11:30
  • How Ron started his journey in politics and what his campaign is all about - 13:15
  • “We try to maximize the potential of the individual instead of maximizing the profit of a few” - 20:40
  • The importance of relatability, social media and how Ron reaches people - 23:40
  • Ron’s political aspirations - 28:10
  • How Ron avoids frustration when encountering polarization in social media - 38:50
  • How you can learn more about Ron, his campaign and how to vote for him - 48:12
  • Touching on the subject of climate crisis - 1:02:00


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